Thursday, April 19, 2012

a new recruitment

started a new "recruitment tease" this night - hoping to snag some new villains to help take over the world and such meanderings us villianous-types have to contend with ... no, i am not THAT egotistical to do the world-taking myself you know? of course i'll rule over everyone, but i've only two hands (not counting the sneaky electronic third and fourth *cough*) to whack the heroes and cuddles the babes, you know?!

what? it's not all video-games, bathing in stolen cahsmoneys and the warm enbrace of motherly-'hoes, you know? hopefully in time we'll get some choice recruits and take over the *I LIKE TOYS* zine first, then the world! hey, "priorities", people! it's not all about mother's milk before anything else, you know? bah, you wretched citizens, you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the team is coming together

why is it so hard to get villains to apply for the legion? are every other maniacal world-ruller wannabe so egotistical they want to go at it by themselves? do you kn ow how hard it is to whack all superheroes by yourself and rule the world?

look, if you're tough enough to conquer all superheroes on this world, then this mudball is not big enough for you to play with, as then all us villains will be up your ass trying to pry the leadership offa you, after the heroes have soften you up, of course!

also, you want to rule the world yourself? ALL BY YOURSELF? are you insane? there are elected officials and cabinets in each country jumping all over themselves trying to run their own states, and no YOU want to rule them all by yourself? Bitch, please!

a team is THE way to go! we'll cover each other's back, we'll co-rule the world, and do some guest cross-over ruling if need be, there's plenty to go around! I personally don't need no offworld aliens to rule over, hell, i don't even speak their language!

meanwhile, the team is coming together, and i couldn't be more pleased mwahahahahahahaha

what? im not an artist, im an evil villain! get your job-scopes right, you cretins

the evil one

Sunday, June 5, 2011

a start down a life of villainy

started a blog today. a super-villain has to have a blog these days, otherwise where can he/she recollect and boost about his/her own villainess ways and activity. facebook? too much time suckage and you'll end up playing farmville or cafeworld to bother to go out and threaten world domination (and they already dominate the world already, these games - why fight for a pie you can't scorf?). twitter? villainy is not defined by 140-characters - villainy is defined by two pages of evil inner0-monologue with sound-echos and evil-laughter, c'mon right? so today i started a blog, and perhaps tis a place for fellow villains to come and hang out once oin a while (don't mention "forums" to me man, they are the "f" word in my villainess-vocabulary!) ... now to recruit more like-minded nefarious folks to my cause, but first i need to interview them before i can let them into the LAIR OF DIREDOOM!

then there's my new uniform, the blueprint for the Lair, just so much to do in so little time - how can we managed to take over the world? but i will try my best! villainy lives!

the evil one