Sunday, June 5, 2011

a start down a life of villainy

started a blog today. a super-villain has to have a blog these days, otherwise where can he/she recollect and boost about his/her own villainess ways and activity. facebook? too much time suckage and you'll end up playing farmville or cafeworld to bother to go out and threaten world domination (and they already dominate the world already, these games - why fight for a pie you can't scorf?). twitter? villainy is not defined by 140-characters - villainy is defined by two pages of evil inner0-monologue with sound-echos and evil-laughter, c'mon right? so today i started a blog, and perhaps tis a place for fellow villains to come and hang out once oin a while (don't mention "forums" to me man, they are the "f" word in my villainess-vocabulary!) ... now to recruit more like-minded nefarious folks to my cause, but first i need to interview them before i can let them into the LAIR OF DIREDOOM!

then there's my new uniform, the blueprint for the Lair, just so much to do in so little time - how can we managed to take over the world? but i will try my best! villainy lives!

the evil one

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