Thursday, April 19, 2012

a new recruitment

started a new "recruitment tease" this night - hoping to snag some new villains to help take over the world and such meanderings us villianous-types have to contend with ... no, i am not THAT egotistical to do the world-taking myself you know? of course i'll rule over everyone, but i've only two hands (not counting the sneaky electronic third and fourth *cough*) to whack the heroes and cuddles the babes, you know?!

what? it's not all video-games, bathing in stolen cahsmoneys and the warm enbrace of motherly-'hoes, you know? hopefully in time we'll get some choice recruits and take over the *I LIKE TOYS* zine first, then the world! hey, "priorities", people! it's not all about mother's milk before anything else, you know? bah, you wretched citizens, you!

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